The Lumber


and Its Workers

 [By James Kennedy]


Third Edition






Published by the
Industrial Workers of the World
1001 West Madison St., Chicago, Ill.

Printed by Printing and Publishing Workers Industrial Union No. 450, I. W. W.


Chapter 1  Lumber in Its Relation to Other Industries

Chapter 2  Early Methods of Logging

Chapter 3  Evolution of the Lumber Industry

Chapter 4  Private Monopoly of Natural Resources

Chapter 5  How Rich Grafters Got Possession of the Timber Lands of the Country

Chapter 6  Ruinous Mismanagement of Stolen Property

Chapter 7  Labor Conditions in the Lumber Industry

Chapter 8  Organization

Chapter 9  Right Versus Wrong Methods of Organization

Chapter 10 Past Battles of the Lumber Workers

Chapter 11 How the Workers Can Manage Industry

Transcribed by J. D. Crutchfield. This HTML transcription is based on a scan of a photocopy of the Second Edition, magnanimously provided by FW Robert Rush, combined with selected scans from an original of the Third Edition, generously lent by FW Steve Kellerman, which was too fragile to scan entirely. I have compared the texts of the two editions and have followed the Third where they differed. The cover and end matter are all taken from the Third Edition, and the layout, as nearly as possible, follows the Third Edition where it differs from the Second. I have changed the format somewhat for easier reading on the web, and have moved some illustrations closer to the text they relate to. (Some illustrations do not clearly relate to any text.) Clear errors and misprints have been silently corrected, but ideosyncratic spellings and punctuation are preserved.

Last updated 4 October 2004